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The new era of Banting is upon us!
It has been an intense 3 years since the launch of The Real Meal Revolution.
1st of December 2016 marks the birth of Banting 2.0™.
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Calculating Weight

Whats the difference between Ideal and Awesome weight?

There is a difference being at your theoretical ideal weight, and being awesome. Your awesome weight takes into account that you still having a ball, cheat a bit, and justing being your awesome self.

Frame Size

This is how you work out your frame size


If you fingers overlap, you have a small frame size.      


If you fingers just touch, you have a medium frame size.


If you fingers do not touch, you have a large frame size.

Welcome to the Real Meal Revolution! This site will introduce you to the low-carb high-fat dietary concept of Banting (colloquially known as the Tim Noakes diet), and guide you through every facet of this life-changing health movement. You will learn how a low carb vegetable and high-fat diet is the healthiest and most sustainable weight loss eating plan, how eating fatty foods will lower your cholesterol levels, how sugar and carbohydrates cause insulin resistance, and the meaning and benefits of ketosis..

You may discover that your constant fatigue is a result of your high carb low fat diet; instead of constantly seeking out fat burning foods, you should be enjoying more natural fats like coconut oil and animal fat, while cutting out carbohydrates.

Take control of your health and weight by learning what to eat, how to plan your meals, how to shop, how to cook healthy recipes, and why Banting is the most sustainable healthy lifestyle. With the help of Prof Tim Noakes and Jonno Proudfoot, you will learn how to change your life by not only improving your quality of life but by lengthening your life in a scientific and enjoyable way.